I Lost My Job! How Can I Make Money Online Fast?

Losing a job is never fun. It sucks big time. How will I pay the mortgage? How will I pay your credit card bills? How will I be able to take the kids on that vacation I promised them? Theses questions and many more come into play when one loses their source of income. But not to worry. First of all its not your fault. Your boss was just a big greedy peanut head. And secondly, after you read this article you will know how to use the internet to make $ 1000-$ 2000 in 24 hours.

There are basically 3 steps to making fast money online. The first step is to find a problem that needs to be solved. When people get online they are looking for solutions to their problems. If you can provide them with a solution they will gladly pay you for it. For example, lets say you know you way to drop 10 pounds in a week. If you put together a short report showing people how to do that you will make money. Millions of people get online everyday looking for a way to lose weight fast.

You can write your report about anything. Just make sure it solves a problem. You can browse around forums or answer sites such as answerbag.com to find problems that need to be solved. See what people are talking about and see what questions are being ask.

Once you find a problem that needs to be solved you would write a short 10 page report. Lets go back to the weight loss example. If you wrote a short 10 page report showing people the exact steps they need to take to lose 10 pounds in a week and sold it for just $ 5 you would make alot of money. Sell just 200 copies and you will have made $ 1000.

Do you think it would be hard to find 200 people who are willing to pay $ 5 for a report that shows them how to drop 10 pounds in 7 days? Absolutely not. $ 5 dollars is within the reach of just about everyone. Your short report would sell like hotcakes. Do you see how profitable this can be? Write a short report a week and you will have steady flow of income coming in every single day.

Now after you have put your short report together you will need to use a free service such as weebly to set up a simple sales page. Keep your sales page short and to the point. Highlight the benefits and tell them how your product can help them. Thats it. Don’t be over salesman like. People hate being sold to. Give them good information and they will gladly buy from you.

And that’s basically it. Of course you will need to do some traffic generate techniques but other then that you are ready to start making money from your short report.

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