Writing Articles and Getting Paid – How to Earn Money Online by Writing Articles


If you’re looking for ways to make money to supplement your income or increase your retirement income, then you might want to look at Article Writing. I have been doing this for over two years and have made some money from this process to supplement my income.

It is not an easy task, because you do not make money instantaneously, but if you have perseverance and dedication, you can see a decent, constant flow of income.

So what is Article Writing and how do I do it?

What Is Article Writing

It is the process in which you write numerous articles about a niche or product. These articles can either support or not support the niche or product. In most cases, the article promotes the item you’re writing about. The goal of Article Writing is to get people to become interested in your niche or product. If they become interested they may want to read more about it. When this happens, the person reading your article will go to another website where there is more information about your topic.

If the reader remains interested, you can then direct the reader to another website where they are allowed to purchase the product you’re writing about.

How Do I Do It

As I stated earlier, I’ve been doing this activity for several years. At first, I did not make much money, mainly because I wrote about everything. When I selected a single niche, “Beauty Products”, I really started seeing my income increase.

So I found that one of the keys to making money by this process is to write about a single niche or product, and not about everything. Sort of like shooting a rifle. If you shoot a shotgun, you have a scattering of pellets hoping to hit something. While if you shoot a rifle, you are aiming at a specific target increasing your chances of making a hit.

While picking a specific niche or product is one aspect of a successful Article Writing career, another key in order to be successful at it, is write not just one article, but to write numerous articles about that niche or product.


So to make money by Article Writing there are two main things you need to do to be successful. One is to pick a single niche or product to promote. The second and most challenging aspect of Article Writing, is to write numerous articles about that niche or product.

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